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Labor and Employment Law Practice

With extensive experience at the front lines of national, corporate-wide labor campaigns, Falk & Sharp offers organizations their unique perspective and ability to balance proactive employee relations efforts with legally sound initiatives to effectively resist union organizing attempts or improve labor-management relations in a unionized setting.

Serving international clients in retail, service, transportation, education and production industries, Falk & Sharp provides comprehensive labor and employment law services to private and public sector employers in both union and non-union settings. Falk & Sharp will:

  • Partner with senior management to provide guidance in the formation, implementation and management of labor relations strategies and tactical plans for single site and multi-site facilities
  • Provide front-line support and consultation during union organizing campaigns – including training, legal guidance and the development and implementation of effective communication and risk-management plans
  • Offer negotiation, contract administration and positive labor relations support for unionized facilities seeking to improve labor-management relations
  • Provide effective legal representation for all labor and employment law matters, including arbitrations, NLRB hearings, EEOC and State Department of Human Rights claims, proceedings and mediations

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